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Our company

World Escapade is part of Escapade Travel Insurance, a life and health insurance firm, based in the province of Québec, Canada.

We operate since 1987 and we are online since 1997.

For more than 20 years, Escapade Travel Insurance has acquired expertise in travel and expatriate insurance over the past twenty years. We stand out from conventional brokers because we offer our clients customized solutions that are adapted to their needs. We have thousands of clients of all ages who travel to a host of destinations:

  • Snowbirds migrating south to escape the winter,
  • Professional corporations wishing to give added value to their members,
  • Interest groups that seek a customized solution,
  • Schools, universities and student groups,
  • Expatriates who require specialized solutions (war risk, disability, etc.),
  • Impatriates and Visitors to Canada (including insurances for Super Visa),
  • Companies that need to cover associates,
  • Young, active travellers who want low-cost, quality coverage,
  • Backpackers looking for insurance for their world tour.

World Escapade is our Web-oriented platform for young travellers who want medical coverage outside of their country of origin. World Escapade is unique in that we virtually can insure travellers for trips to virtually any country and destination* (except war zones and other countries or regions where travel is not recommended). Being able to extend travel insurance online any time makes our travel insurance even more attractive to young individuals.**

World Escapade is just one of the customized solutions offered by Escapade Travel Insurance. The world is constantly changing and becoming increasingly mobile, especially for the younger generation.

That’s why World Escapade offers dynamic solutions for a planet that’s on the move. Our experienced team knows the needs of travellers for whom our products are designed!

Welcome to World Escapade, pleasure of travelling in full safety.

* Please see your insurance policy.
** Except for residents of Canada.