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Specialized Travel Insurance

World Escapade is an international mobility specialist offering insurance solutions for travel and expatriation to travelers worldwide.

By phone or online, World Escapade Travel insurance covers many needs for travelers.

Snowbird Travel Insurance for travelers aged 55 years and older, with or without a pre-existing health condition:

• Hospital emergencies and medical expenses 
• Physician’s fees 
• Prescription drugs and emergency dental care 
• Transportation expenses and medical repatriation
• Single trip and multi-trip annual plans
• Medical declaration
• Eligibility or exclusion for pre-existing health conditions
• Medical underwriting
• Several deductible options

Travel Insurance for travelers of all ages, for all destinations:

• Emergency medical coverage
• Assistance and medical repatriation
• Trip cancellation and interruption
• All-Inclusive package including baggage and accidental death & dismemberment
• Visitors to Canada
• Single trip and multi-trip annual plans
• With or without pre-existing health conditions
• Age limits applicable

Expatriate Insurance for employees working outside their country of residence, regardless of their nationality and country of assignment:

• Medical care at 100% of actual costs, without deductible
• No health questionnaire
• Accidental death & dismemberment
• War risk coverage
• Worldwide coverage including high-risk countries
• Coverage for hazardous occupations

Risk Measure Insurance taylored for travelers with special needs:

• Personal liability coverage up to $500,000
• Personal property coverage up to $10,000
• Specific plans for international reporters
• Specific plans to international volunteers and NGO staff