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Advice and information

Mail Service and Newspapers during an Extended Absence
Put your mail service and newspaper delivery on hold if you’ll be gone for a long time. Have a neighbour whom you know well pick up your mail while you’re away. A pile of newspapers sitting on your front step may send an unwanted signal that the house is empty. Plan smart!

Home Insurance
Some home insurance policies may contain restrictive clauses on extended absences. Contact your insurer to avoid unpleasant surprises should there be an event while you’re away.

Before embarking on a short or a long trip, turn off the water to the washing machine or, better yet, turn off the main water valve. It’s easy and could save you many needless headaches.

Before going on vacation, make sure your bank account balances are high enough to cover any
pre-authorized debits, especially those for your home and car insurance.

Trouble-Free Travel
Travel with peace of mind by giving someone in your family partial power of attorney to take care of necessities with your vehicle and/or home insurer.

ID Cards and Documents
Before you go on vacation, photocopy your ID cards and documents, such as your driver’s licence, passport and any other document that could be lost or stolen. Keep a copy with you, and leave another at home or with a relative or trusted friend. It’ll come in very handy should your ID be lost or stolen.

Secure a strap around your suitcase so it won’t open accidentally during transportation. If you want, tie a scarf or other conspicuous item to your suitcase so you’ll be able to pick it out quickly on the baggage carousel.

Make sure your passport is in order
Your passport is the best proof of your Canadian citizenship. If you’re planning on travelling overseas, make sure your and your family members’ passports are valid.

Make photocopies of the identification page in your passport
Make a photocopy and keep it separate from the original during the trip. For your security, also leave a copy with a friend or relative in Canada. Should your passport be lost, these simple measures will help you replace your passport quickly.

Do you have special needs?
Many countries don’t offer facilities accessible to people in wheelchairs or don’t have services to meet the special needs of the deaf, blind or physically handicapped. Make sure to get information before leaving home from an organization for the handicapped or talk with others who have travelled to the country you’ll be visiting.

There are also many overseas travel guides intended for travellers with special needs.

Ask your doctor’s advice
We strongly encourage travellers to ask their doctors or a travel clinic for a personal risk assessment before their departure. Looking at the risks for your health, your doctor can determine which vaccinations you’ll need and recommend special precautions to take during your travels.