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World Escapade Travel Insurance is the spokesperson at all stages in the life of a travel insurance policy.

World Escapade Travel Insurance call centre responds every year to calls from customers seeking coverage for their trip abroad, whether it is a short trip or long term.

To subscribe to one of our travel insurance plans, our experienced and bilingual agents are dedicated exclusively to medical coverage abroad. The needs assessment and analysis of health status where appropriate, allow them to guide the travelers through the range of World Escapade Travel Insurance products to identify the most suitable insurance plan.

We represent a more attentive and responsive generation of agents, providing customers with the services necessary to make adjustments to existing travel insurance policies according to their changing needs, anytime, anywhere.

If a medical claim is to be submitted, we remain available to the clients to assist them in their efforts, help clarify the interpretation of the guarantees and be the spokesperson to defend the fair application of those guarantees.

Welcome to World Escapade, the pleasure of travelling safely.