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Expatriate Employee Insurance

As a company expands on the international market, the employees are likely to travel more. During expatriation and professional missions abroad, regardless of their duration, the employees may require health services whose cost, quality and accessibility vary greatly from country to country.

At the heart of a company’s growth, human capital is a vital resource that needs to be adequately protected. Escapade Travel Insurance offers comprehensive health benefits, medical assistance and financial protection for expatriate employees and their families.

Whether you are responsible for the human resources department of a company or you are an employee who is going abroad on behalf of a company, we offer a full range of health coverage options for expatriates.

The mission of Escapade Travel Insurance is to give expatriate employees protection that is similar to their basic group insurance plan.

Our commitment is to provide health insurance form the very first dollar incurred, with no deductible. We protect the employees from all possible risks during assignment outside of their respective country of origin: medical insurance, assistance, repatriationaccidental death and dismemberment.

Whether it is for one person, with or without his family, or a group of employees who must travel abroad, contact us for a quote.