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Each year, dozens of journalists who travel to take the pulse of a situation up close are injured during conflicts. Accepting a mission or assignment as a foreign correspondent also involves exposure to health risks that are too often underestimated. Access to care, quality of hospitals and foreign health costs are three criteria that must be taken into account in the event of a medical problem or emergency. Too often, the increasing numbers of journalists who leave for conflict zones have no insurance, mainly because of prohibitive costs and lack of information.

An infection considered minor in home country may, in a war zone, lead to a rapid deterioration of health if left untreated. A journalist’s career may be compromised if he or she suffers from the consequences of an injury or a parasitical or viral infection that was not treated early enough and under the proper conditions.

Conflict zones also increase the risks of mutilation or permanent incapacity. Journalists must protect themselves from the long-term financial impacts of such occurrences.

Journalists and Freelance Reporters Coverage

The two international medical plans detailed in this section are offered to photo reporters, journalists, freelancers and technical staffs, who are affiliated to the Reporters Without Borders NGO.

Reporters Without Borders is mandatory in order to subscribe one of our two insurance plans. Please contact to know the status of your membership.

To become a Reporters Without Borders member, please click on the link and follow the steps:

The two insurance plans are taylored for journalists from any nationality traveling outside their home country for a short or long-term mission (the Essential Plan is not open for the reporters living in Canada and in the United States / the Extended Plan is not open for the reporters living in the United States). The two international medical plans suit for instance the needs of reporters working in Baghdad, stringers based in Kabul or photo reporters working in Central America.

Insurance Solution #1: Single Trip Essential Plan

This international health insurance solution aims to cover the medical emergencies (accident or illness) arising during a mission. The medical expenses, the out-patient treatments, the hospitalization bills, the ambulance services and the repatriation to the home country are covered. Direct payments can be made.

The journalists are covered at 100% of actual costs, for an unlimited amount, without deductible. The war risk, the consequences of a riot or acts of terrorism are also covered (the insured must not perpetrate or attempt to perpetrate illegal or criminal acts, participation in a riot, insurrection or mass demonstration). The journalists shall not be actively engaging in any acts of war or unrest, meaning the journalists must not carry or use any type of weapons, meaning the journalists must be bystanders.

The country of residence is excluded from the coverage, even for ponctual returns to country of residence during the period of insurance. 

The reporters of all nationalities are eligible to Single Trip Essential Plan if their country of residence is neither Canada nor the United States.

The rates depend on the age group, the trip destination and the duration:

€ 2.64 or $US 2.64 per travel day for reporters not older than 60 years for the main majority of trip destinations (there is an additional charge for those traveling to the United States of America due to healthcare costs significantly higher). For these destinations or countries of assignment, a non-medical option is available: personal liability, personal accident (death and disability), flight delay, baggage, trip cancellation etc. The all-inclusive package is at € 8.50 or $US 8.50 per travel day.

▪ The following high risk countries and territories are excluded from the Essential Plan: Syria, LibyaIraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, West Bank/Gaza, Democratic Republic of Congo (Ituri district, North Kivu, South Kivu, border areas with South Sudan and Uganda), Somalia, Yemen, Georgia and those regions of the Russian Federation: Chechnia, Dagestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia. The reporter shall be covered under the Extended Plan for these destinations.

The premiums increase for reporters aged between 61-63.

 The Essential Plan does not suit to the reporters willing to be covered :
▪ for their pre-existing conditions: any medical condition that existed before you subscribed health insurance is excluded (such as asthma, epilepsy, chronic infections, diabetes, heart problems etc.);
▪ for accidental death and dismemberment during the mission;
▪ embedded on a mission with armed forces (military or governmental ground vehicles or aircarfts or naval units).

The Extended Plan detailed below is the available alternative for the journalists looking for an enhanced health coverage.

Insurance Solution #2: Extended Plan

Even if opened to all nationalities, the premiums and the benefits are expressed in Canadian dollar. This plan is more complete than the Essential plan. The Extended Plan is underwritten by a Canadian insurance company.

Although open to journalists of all nationalities, premiums and benefit amounts are denominated in Canadian dollars. This plan, being more complete than the Essential Plan, is supported by a Canadian insurer. This is the only insurance plan for reporters without a private health insurance or a state health plan in their home country.

The reporters of all nationalities are eligible to the Extended Plan as long as their principal country of residence is not the United States. US citizens based overseas are eligible for insurance.

 The featured points of this international health insurance are:
▪ health coverage at 100% of actual costs, up to $CA 1,000,000 (approx. € 670,000);
hospitalization, prescription drugs, out-patient treatments covered at 100% of actual costs;
▪ sawithout deductible or waiting period;
evacuation or repatriation to the country of residence paid up to $CA 300,000 (approx. € 200,000) as a result of any one accident, sickness or disease;
▪ without health questionnaire, pre-existing conditions covered without restriction;
dental plan in case of accident up to $CA 5,000 (approx. € 3,300) at 80% of actual costs;
▪ centralized coordination for assistance 24 hours a day;
▪ direct payment of your hospital costs;
▪ coverage of any type of accident, sickness or disease (including the consequences of war injury);
▪ coverage for embedded reporters with armed forces (military or governmental ground vehicles or aircarfts or naval units);
war risk coverage,the consequences of a riot or acts of terrorism are also covered (the insured must not perpetrate or attempt to perpetrate illegal or criminal acts, participation in a riot, insurrection or mass demonstration);
▪ compassionate emergency repatriation;
▪ compassionate emergency visit;
▪ home transportation of the deceased up to $CA 15,000 (approx. € 10,000);
▪ in option, an accidental death and dismemberment benefit up to $CA 1,000,000 (approx. € 670,000). 

This health insurance plan is opened for journalists not older than 75 years. The rates depends only on the destination.

All destinations can be covered including Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

Please contact us for rates and to subscribe.