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World Escapade Travel Insurance is your travel insurance solution for peace of mind.


    A. Type of coverage


    You may select the country or the region you want to be evacuated in case of medical emergency and where you are covered by your normal individual health insurance.

    Exclusion of the following trip destinations: Afghanistan, Crimea, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, West Bank/Gaza, Yemen.


    B. Birth Date

    Traveler 1
    Enter the oldest traveler first.             
    Traveler 2
    Beyond two (2) travelers on the same insurance, you must be a family (parents and children). Otherwise, please make separate subscriptions.

    The family rate applies to an individual or couple travelling with at least one unmarried dependant child or grandchild:
    - under the age of 21;
    - under 26 years of age if a full-time student; or
    - of any age who is mentally or physically handicapped.

    Please refer to the insurance policy.


    Available Options
    Insured Sum
    Total sum insured for ALL travelers
    (i.e. addition of all individual insurable sum)

    Trip cost includes the total non-refundable, pre-paid expenses already submitted towards the trip including transaction, accomodation, package tours, etc. This does not include estimated or anticipated costs that have not yet been paid, deposits (unless non-refundable), or trips purchased by the redemption of points or miles programs. If there is no trip cost or you do not require a trip cancellation plan, please answer "no".

    The total insurable sum is $15,000 for one individual, $30,000 for two individuals and $15,000 for a family.

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